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Gaza Crisis Appeal

Gaza Crisis Appeal

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The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has come to a climax in recent violent clashes along the border

Palestinians in Gaza were protesting because 2 million of them are denied freedom and they are otherwise living in an open-air jail. They were also protesting because 95% of the water is undrinkable, they get 4 hours of electricity per day, employment is at 45%, and half their children express no will to live – in short, the Israelis are slowing destroying a generation of Palestinians by making life completely unbearable.

The opening of the U.S Embassy in Jerusalem was the final straw , and which ultimately resulted in a six-week protest that rallied the Palestinian people to it’s climax on 15 May 2018

This unfortunate event claimed at least 60 lives, and is officially the deadliest massacre since the 2014 war.

Reporters witnessed unbelievable things: a female teenager shot in the head by Israeli snipers, a young father set himself ablaze in protest, and drones dropping teargas on unsuspecting crowds. More than 1,000 people are wounded, of which 250 are children who have been shot with live ammunition.


There is an extraordinary need for humanitarian assistance in Gaza right now - Palestinian lives are hanging by a thread.

Thanks to a strategic partnership with the Malaysian government, AusRelief will personally deliver emergency supplies to Gaza. They will include food, water, sanitary products and most importantly medical supplies and equipment.

We urge you to come forth and make a lifesaving donation towards this fund.

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